17 Tips to Developing A Powerful Personal Brand

17 Tips to Developing A Powerful Personal Brand

FREE for a limited time.  This class covers two aspects of developing a powerful PERSONAL BRAND.  In Sections 1 and 2 we’ll cover seventeen actionable ways you can put into use today, to build a dynamic personal brand personality.  You’ll learn the importance of:

·        Being yourself, but highlighting your personality positives

·        Establishing your professional identity and skillsets

·        The importance of your spoken and written communication skills

·        Mastering your skill sets

·        Having a unique memorable PERSONAL BRAND personality

·        Developing a wide-spread LinkedIn connections network

·        And much more…

In Section 3 we’ll cover seven ways to grow and expand your LINKEDIN NETWORK.  Your LinkedIn network should be a vital part of your personal branding strategies.  In today’s world, LinkedIn is an important factor in establishing your personal brand.

This course has short to-the-point lessons for easy viewing and understanding. 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone seeking to create a positive and dynamic personal brand.
  • Students with a drive for success, and a willingness to work for self improvement.