Complete HTML5 Web Developer Bootcamp Course for Beginners

Complete HTML5 Web Developer Bootcamp Course for Beginners

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use HTML5 to bring an HTML website to life. Learn the basics of HTML5 as you build two websites in this introductory web development course.

Starting with how to plan your website, including a header, navigation bar, content area and footer, I will show you all the techniques used to create a website.

Next, configure your HTML to match all the main sections of the container of your web design. Create a basic HTML template that can be used and reused in multiple projects.

Then learn to improve your HTML. Section by section, this course will show you how to create a real-world website.

Then adjust and update the code as necessary to customize and make the site work. Finish the code by checking the output in different screen sizes by adding and adjusting to create responsiveness.

Step by step from planning to creation.

Reusable templates

Professional training

HD video content