Cook rice on the Egyptian way (4 different recipes)

Cook rice on the Egyptian way (4 different recipes)

  • Do you get bored from the same dishes you have every day?

  • Do you want to try something new?

  • In this course you will learn how to cook very delicious dishes from the Egyptian kitchen.

  • And if you want some new ideas for dishes you want to cook for your family or in feast days or in a restaurant you have,

    this course is a perfect choice for you.

  • If you interst in knowing about the different cultures generally and the traditional cooking specifically,

    it is the most suitable course for you know about one of the greatest cultures like Egyptian culture.

  • «The Egyptian cuisines…»

There are many delicious recipes in Egyptian traditional food.And the people in Egypt are used to cook for more than century ago.

These delicious recipes vary among: Kushary,Mahshy,Egyptian Rice ,Mulukhya and many other recipes.

  • “In this course…”

In this course we will cook a main component of lunch meal every day in Egypt

and one of the most popular Egyptian food ingredients “Rice”.

  You can’t imagine how delicious these cuisines are and nutritional values they have.

In this course we will cook «Egyptian Rice» by many different ways.

Enjoy the course 😉

Who this course is for:
  • All levels