CouchDB – Mastering Database Design with CouchDB

CouchDB – Mastering Database Design with CouchDB

Apache CouchDB is open source database software and these tutorials are for you to gain a quick overview of the same. This training is to learn about CouchDB, the processes to set it up, and the ways to interact with CouchDB server using cURL and Futon. We will learn how to create, update and delete databases and documents.

The course will have the following pattern of instructions:

  • Introduction

  • Difference between SQL and nosql databases

  • Environmental Setup

  • Curl and Futon

  • Creating your first Couch DB database

  • Introduction to Json


  • Creating a document

  • Updating a document

  • Deleting a document

  • Deleting a database

  • Attaching files

  • Introduction to couchDb Views

  • Mechanics of CouchDb deployment