Essential Photography Post Processing; A Practical Aproach

Essential Photography Post Processing; A Practical Aproach


This is a task-based approach to learning how to correct, retouch, and enhance your photographs in the post processing stage. It’s designed for casual photographers as well as serious enthusiasts who are at the beginner or intermediate levels.  It’s a practical guide on how to remedy the most common flaws in photographs such as lack of sharpness, abundance of digital noise, distorted lines and shapes, lack of detail, over and under exposure, and so on.

There are no long-winded lectures on tools, features, interfaces, panels, and functionalities of the software. Instead, we determine an objective and immediately get into the steps of accomplishing it. We identify a problem with an image, and go right into the process of solving it.

Affinity Photo is a high-end program built for professional photographers, designers, and artists, so the performance and features of the software are right there with industry standard applications. HOWEVER, Affinity Photo is much more affordable, practical, and easy to use than these applications!

Therefore, it’s also an ideal tool — or the only image editing tool necessary — for the casual or amateur photographer. It’s certainly ideal for you if you’re the kind of photographer who prefers to be behind the camera most of the time instead of in front of the computer, but nevertheless use software to enhance your images if required.

Finally, the concepts and the approaches to image editing that you will learn are actually applicable to your work even if you’re using a different software. The tools and the work-flow may be different, but the concepts and objectives will be the same.