First Steps in Social Media Marketing

First Steps in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing might seem pretty EASY! 

Just create profiles for free and start sharing. Right?

Soon you will get likes and shares, and perhaps of you’re lucky you will get comments. 

The only thing seems important right now is to get followers. But hey… that’s easy too, because everyone is teaching you on youtube how to get 1000s of followers in 24 hours! Right?


If Social Media Marketing was so easy, why then most people fail? Why companies hesitate to set up profiles, pages and groups on social media? Why corporates hire Social Media Managers? And some of them charge insane prices for their services. 

But, please don’t panic. The first step you take today is to learn what is Social Media Marketing and what you should do to get started. So, that’s exactly on what we’re going to focus in this class. To make it easy for you, we’ve divided this course into three parts:

1. Learn to listen on social 

2. Learn to network, find influencers, become an influencer

3. Get started with social selling

These are the first three steps you should take to make Social Media work for your business. After you master this, next step is to go viral with your posts. 

See you on the other side.