How to Sell on Etsy Master Course: SEO, Emails and Marketing

How to Sell on Etsy Master Course: SEO, Emails and Marketing


My name is Jackie and not too long ago I decided take a leap of faith and started my own Etsy business. I started by making these little gold necklaces that I would hand etch people’s names into. It was a struggle at first but after a while I saw my sales steadily grow. It went from a few orders every couple of days, to a few orders every other day, to orders on orders every single day.

Etsy has given me the ability to live a life of freedom and sustainability all why doing exactly what I love, crafting. Etsy allowed me, a young woman to chase my lifelong dream of opening my own business. With it, I have traveled the world, met with amazing inspirational people, and built a life I’ve always wanted to live.

It’s hard for me to even begin to explain all of the amazing things that Etsy has made possible for me. I want to share that with ANYONE who wants to listen. I want to share with you every tactic and strategy I’ve learned along the way to growing and scaling your Etsy Store. I’ll show you how to add scarcity “only 3 items left…” to all of your listings, I’ll teach you how to grow your reviews more than you’ve ever thought possible, I’ll teach you how to send monthly emails to your entire customer base automatically. Most of all, I want to help makers grow their Etsy business so that they can focus on their passions.




In this course students will learn how to take their Etsy stores to the next level. The course is broken up into 5 modules covering the major categories of selling on Etsy.

Module 1 is called, “The Etsy Search Engine Algorithm and How to Hack It” and goes over the essentials of Etsy’s search engine algorithm and how to work with it to boost sales. We will go over how to leverage keywords and spy on our competitors to optimize our listings for success

Module 2 is titled, “Optimizing Your Listings for Maximum Conversion” and goes over how to turn your now keyworded listing into a profitable value proposition. In this section you will learn how to add keywords into your listing to MAXIMIZE placement and rankings for your products, how to optimize your Etsy descriptions to better engage potential customers, how to take and incorporate engaging photos that WOW your audience, how to keep customers happy by giving them excellent customer service, how to ask for and obtain reviews, and how to align your interests with Etsy’s interest to gain their favor! By this end of this module, you will know how to fully optimize your listing for maximum engagement!

Module 3 goes over how to use Etsy’s native ads program to quickly ramp up your keyword ranking efforts and is called, “Module 3 : Scaling your store with Etsy’s Promoted Listings”

Module 4 is named, “Scaling your store with a few emails” and goes over how to use Aweber to link your customer emails up to your marketing email funnel. This section focuses on how to establish a meaningful connection with your fanbase. Included in this lesson are my individual email templates I used to 10x my return customers!

Module 5 is called, “Driving sales with external traffic” and goes over how to bring external traffic from outside Etsy into Etsy by purchasing something from your storefront.

I’ve also included a bonus lecture on the Scarcity Hack I used to beat out all my competitors on the search page

In addition to all of our lessons, we’ve included sections on gathering Etsy reviews, how to scale new products, how to grow your storefront into a profitable, sustainable business. Additionally we have also included all of our email and customer service response templates!