Kubernetes Getting Started

Kubernetes Getting Started

If my guess is right, I’m sure you heard about Kubernetes multiple times and also you heard about it is becoming defacto standard for Container Orchestration. Currently, It is must know technology for any DevOps engineer, Developers and Administrators.

“Kubernetes Getting Started” (this) course is ideal for someone who wants quickly learn about Kubernetes basics.

This course is created in addition to “Kubernetes Made Easy”. “Kubernetes Made Easy” is a In-depth course on Udemy, where you will learn addition important topics and has access to all the material in this course.

Finally, my sincere thanks to YouTube community who are the main motivators behind my Kubernetes courses on Udemy. 

Srinath, you are the best. Your series covers everything. Folks, if you are interested in all nuts and bolts of Kubernetes, watching Srinath series is A MUST !!!! – Mathew K’s comment @ Containers video

Mr. Srinath, I really dont know – how to thank you. These are excellent kubernets videos, which i come across so far. Each and every small concepts are cleared in-detail. Sincere and humble request for you to put some videos for G-Cloud and Docker. – Vijay’s comment @ Pods video

Gone through various Kubernetes paid courses too. But this series is best so far. It is helping me to understand each and every smaller components and configuration of K8S in a very practical manner. Thanks for your effort and time you have devoted to making this course. 🙂 – Vivek @ NodePort Service

I have no words for your explanation, it’s a simply superb… I’m very confused after seen too many videos for Kubernetes architecture,now I’m pretty confident and clear about it… Thanks a lot…  – Anil K @ Kubernetes Architecture