Learn MySQL Basics for Data Science

Learn MySQL Basics for Data Science

This is the bite size course to learn MySQL for Data Science. You will learn the select, insert, update, delete, order by, group by statements in SQL language. You will learn some data warehouse, star schema, use MySQL Workbench to create Star Schema, and data mining process, and OLAP Rollup.


  1. INstall MySQL

  2. Uninstall MySQL

  3. Uninstall MySQL 2

  4. Database

  5. Create Tables from ERD in MySQL Workbench

  6. Select Statement

  7. Select Distinct

  8. Select using OPerators and Conditions

  9. And Or Not

  10. Order By

  11. Insert Statement

  12. Check whether have null values

  13. Update Statements

  14. Delete Statements

  15. MIn Max

  16. Count Sum Average

  17. LIke

  18. Group By

  19. JOin Two Tables

  20. JOin Two Tables 2

  21. Get Frequency Table with Join and Group By

  22. Join and Group By advanced

  23. Join 3 Tables

  24. Join 3 Tables 2

  25. Star Schema Basics

  26. Data Warehouse Basics

  27. Data Mining Process

  28. ROLAP ROLLUP Operation

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Data Analyst and Data Scientist interested in MySQL for Data Science