Road Map to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Road Map to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course is created for all the Artificial Intelligence Aspirants who have many queries in mind like

1. What are prerequisites for learning AI?

2. What is Road map to start Machine learning project(ML)

3. How to choose the best programming language for AI ?

4. How much Mathematical knowledge needed for AI ?

5. Which is the best AI Engine/Tool/Framework for AI ? and so on…

Each video is created with real time scenario examples in simple language. So that anyone without programming knowledge can understand in depth about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The contents were prepared based on maximum queries searched in google or posted in AI forum.

At the end of this course you will get clear clarity on how much effort needed to start your career in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Projects.

Note: All AI prerequisites topics like programming language , Mathematics , Machine Learning Algorithms will be posted soon as free course. Keep following.  Happy Learning !! 

Who this course is for:
  • Artificial Intelligence Aspirants
  • Machine Learning Aspirants
  • Curiosity to know about Artificial Intelligence