Thesis in Latex: A short course

Thesis in Latex: A short course

Writing Thesis in Latex: A Short Course

Writing your thesis in Latex could be a challenging task. But the quality of the thesis that you get is unparallelly highest and professional.  Latex is an excellent document preparation system. Latex produces high quality professional documents. Latex documents look professional and look better than the documents produced by any of its competitor software. Latex document files never get corrupted or broken over time. You can run latex files to produce your thesis on any operating system. The best thing about latex is that it is free. Latex is an open-source software.

When it comes to writing thesis or a research paper, Latex is the software of choice for most researchers, authors, kindle eBook publishers and people who do not compromise on quality for their documents. Most universities, journal publishers and institutes have their documents templates made in latex.

About This Course:

The purpose of this course is to save the time of research students and let them focus on their research instead of learning a lot of Latex packages. Normally students waste a lot of time on consuming the contents which they may not need ever. In this course teacher uses the minimal amount of packages and latex statements to make a thesis in latex. This can potentially save hundreds of hrs. of research students who are searching on YouTube all day long just to write their thesis in latex.

This course is designed for research students who want to write their thesis in latex. But self-publishing authors can also benefit from this course. The course uses the “thesis” class of latex to produce a thesis. The “thesis” class is based on the traditionally report class. The thesis prepared in this course has some dummy lorem ipsum text, some images, most of the math environments, appendices, glossaries of terms, acronyms, abstract, table of contents, dedication page and the bibliography.

Teacher explains how to put together all these components to make a thesis. This course is not about basics of Latex. The course is focused on writing thesis in latex. However, if you are a beginner, you’ll still be able to follow the course and make a template for your thesis. Teacher uses the real code and real-time compilation to explain the concepts. The code used in course videos is available in course resources, so you can reproduce the thesis and use it as your template.

If you need to understand any of the latex concepts in detail, then you can also enroll in another course by the teacher called “Practical Latex: The First Course”. This course is also available online.  

What is inside the Course:

Following topics are discussed in this course:

1. The structure of the thesis

2. Minimal set of Packages for a thesis

3. The Title page

4. Abstract and dedication pages

5. Making a chapter

6.Page style and header

7. The appendix and the table of contents

8. Creating Glossary Entries

9. Using Glossaries and acronyms

10 Compiling Glossaries and Acronyms

The Bibliography (References)

After completing this course, you’ll be able to write your thesis in latex. You can create your own template and keep it for your future reference.