Your Novel: How To Write About Sex Without Writing About Sex

Your Novel: How To Write About Sex Without Writing About Sex

Most of the submissions we receive at Mandrill Press are unpublishable. There’s often the germ of a good story there, but the writers make the same mistakes over and over again. Their characters aren’t convincing. They tell us things instead of showing them to us. The structure is hopeless. There’s no conflict. Or no theme. Or…well, it’s a long list.

A lot of those mistakes could be put right if the writers knew they were making them. That’s why we’re creating a series of short classes on the various things that novice writers get wrong. And how to fix them. Our hope is that the quality of submissions will improve.

This is the first. The others will follow at 10 day intervals, beginning with Show, Don’t Tell (Course 2) and moving on to Timelines and How to Get Them Right (Course 3); ultimately there will be 15 short courses, each focused on a single error often made by novice writers (and some who are experienced).

This first course breaks the ice with a fairly light-hearted look at something all would-be novelists need to learn. How do you write about sex without writing about sex? (It’s about not distracting your readers from the meat of the story).

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to write their first novel, or wants to write better novels